Thanks for stopping by. My name’s David, I’m a journalist, editor, and copywriter with six years of professional industry experience. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia, and love to write about pretty much everything.

But what interests me the most—the common theme that can be found in basically every story—is people. I’m so fascinated by people; what motivates them, inspires them, scares them, and fills them with love and joy. I love stories, and I love telling people’s stories. Every single human is so bloody interesting, don't you think?

The woman opposite you on the train—what's her favorite film? The guy next to her—where is he going? The person behind you in line at Maccas—what did they want to be when they were six years old? 

We're all such weird and wonderful monkeys. 

Anyway, thanks again. For whatever reason you may be here, it’s thanks to you that I can do what I do.

If you’re a reader; thank you, without you I wouldn’t exist.

If you’re a potential employer, editor, or client; thank you, you give me the opportunities to tell stories every day.